Beauty in Steps by Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski

Romano Editore, 2011


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Beauty by Steps di Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski

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Title: Beauty in Steps.Giovanni Di Palma in Dance and Photography

Author: Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski

Photos: Felix Aarts

With a writing of Reijiro Tsumura and an appendix on Uwe Scholz

Publisher: Romano Editore

Series: Storie

Pages: 167

ISBN: 978-88-96376-45-4

Languages: Italian and English

Translator: Yolanda Rillorta


Beauty in Steps is imbued with the emotions of living Art.

It is composed of 65 eloquent colour and black-and-white photographs of the Italian Principal Dancer, Giovanni Di Palma, taken by the Dutch dancer and photographer, Felix Aarts, onstage and backstage. Beyond the images, the two artists are presented also through words, thanks to the journalist, Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski, who undertook to weave a work which explores opinions, enthusiasm, fragility and desires. This resulted in the development of a series of themes centred on the body and on their intrinsic concepts of nudity, modesty, beauty, athleticism, the passing of time, emotions and senses. What steered Di Palma and Aarts in facing these themes, was their decision to present themselves without pretense.

This book aims to capture the interest of all those who would like to venture behind the scenes of the various expressions of art, to experience the passion, determination and intelligence that drive the artist, whether dancer, photographer or painter. Furthermore, the book is an encouragement to the youth entering the world of dance. A sublime art, dance undoubtedly calls for sacrifice: strict selection rules, discipline, daily studies, and tough exercises to shape up and maintain the body. Yet it still counts on numberless new followers all over the world, a significant fact which proves that sacrifices are fully rewarded. And when the body starts its decline and can no longer appear onstage, intelligence will lead to the building of a new future.

The themes expounded in this book may, therefore, be an inspiration not only to young dancers, supporting them in making their choices with determination and serenity, but also to the art enthusiasts, guiding them along their passionate journey towards Beauty.

The volume contains a testimonial to the choreographer, Uwe Scholz – with whom Di Palma worked as a member of the Leipzig Ballet, from 2000 to 2004, the year Scholz passed away – and a writing of Noh Actor, Reijiro Tsumura, designated by the Japanese government as an “Important Intangible Cultural Asset."


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Interview to Giovanni Di Palma.

Interview to Felix Aarts.