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The album

Minutes is a collection of short pieces: musical "briefs" about everyday life which reflect a heterogeneous conception of our own time, the rhythms and sounds to which we are daily subjected.

The CD contains a booklet in Italian, English and Russian.

YouTube Channel

In order to listen to Alexandre Rodichevski's music pieces, please visit http://www.youtube.com/suonarelamatematica.


Alexandre Rodichevski speaks about his music in two interviews. You can read them here: http://www.morfoedro.it/doc.php?n=1597&lang=en and http://www.morfoedro.it/doc.php?n=1619&lang=it.

Reviews and articles

You can read a review here: http://www.morfoedro.it/doc.php?n=1620&lang=it and an article on Il Giorno here: http://www.morfoedro.it/doc.php?n=1711&lang=en.