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The album

This CD is based on the belief that mathematics can become an interesting protagonist of music. Musical themes are related to mathematical objects: space, numbers, functions, geometric figures. The titles of the pieces are in Latin and Greek, languages used in the millennia to express mathematical ideas.

This work aims to make the audience think of mathematics not as an arid subject or a discipline for experts, but as a source of beauty, when it works in synergy with the art of music.

The CD contains a booklet in Italian, English and Russian.

YouTube Channel

In order to listen to Alexandre Rodichevski's music pieces, please visit


Alexandre Rodichevski speaks about his music in two interviews. You can read them here: and

Reviews and articles

You can read a review here: and an article on Il Giorno here:


May 25th, 2011 Alexandre Rodichevski has delivered a lesson at Politecnico in Milan, titled Suonare la matematica (Playing Mathematics), presenting his CD.

June 11th, 2011 the CD has been presented during one of the side performances of the poetic-photographic exhibition 5 + 1 sensi (5 + 1 senses) by Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski.

July 3rd, 2011 the CD has been presented in Milan, during the multidisciplinary festival  Be happening. Il corpo della creazione.