Opening the doors of your “self” to achieve self-reconciliation

The introspective work of poetess, Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski, through multimediality, shows us the way to live without preconditions


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Japanese ballet dancer, Yuki Imaizumi, interpreted through her own choreography an unpublished work of journalist and writer, Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski.

After taking up specialized studies with Prisca Picano, former prima ballerina of the San Carlo Theater of Naples, Yuki Imaizumi became a member of the European Thersicore Company – Ballet of Vicenza.

The work

Yuki Imaizumi during the first part of the ballet: The Observed.

© Photo Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski

Mental conditioning has existed ever since the creation of man. Parents pass on habits, customs, religion and traditions to their children, guiding them in their education and behavior, and laying down rules and duties. There will be other encounters, situations that will forge each one’s character and personality. Conditioning is essential for the initial approach to the growth path of each human being and helps the person make and absorb some rules which will then become an integral part of his background, to be used spontaneously and naturally as needed in the future. As human beings we undergo this conditioning unconsciously, because if we were to be aware of it, we would not want to be controlled by someone else.

A change in personality could occur, however, the moment the child, now an adult, finds himself trapped by conditioning that other peers have instilled in him. Sentiments, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors would conform at this point to an unnatural lifestyle that could consequently become a destructive process which negates every natural stimulus. Furthermore, we are pressured from all sides today, and the perception of reality around us is oftentimes unconsciously altered. We are stimulated by numerous media messages which influence and alter the observation of events and their real visualization, and are induced to behaving according to a specific viewpoint, most often the result of a distorted reality and transformed into obsession.

This obsession destroys the healthy cells of the human spirit, and man, thus manipulated, stops being objective. His fixations and distorted certainties determine how he lives. No longer able to discern truth from the false, and right from wrong, he becomes a dead being.

The Observed

has now imprisoned man
under the observation lens
obsessing him to death.


The poem introducing the introspective work of Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski – producer and author of this  video, poetry and music with the choreography and expressive interpretation of Yuki Imaizumi, with a musical contribution in The Observed and editing of Alexandre Rodichevski – launches a message-warning which all of humanity should follow attentively since it is an exit passage from the mental manipulation we undergo daily. Like a chrysalis enfolded in its cocoon, Yuki moves her arms desperately in search of an escape route, or folds them, almost in an attempt to defend her “self,” while the human eye looms over her to explore, observe, judge and suffocate her in a distorted light which is like an indestructible wall, a nightmare from which she tries to distance herself with all her strength.

The Sublimated

As a freed man
in the deep heights
of the sea-sky
I sublimate human misery.

Yuki Imaizumi during the first part of the ballet: The Sublimated.

© Photo Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski


The chrysalis has been transformed into a butterfly. Now that the wall has crumbled, the time has come to live without any more conditioning. Peace and light reigns all around and Yuki is now ready to embrace the freedom of expression and seek within herself the strength to take flight, towards the highest activities of the human spirit.

Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski’s work reveals the glimmer of light we can hold on to, so as not to be swallowed by the apparent negativity pervading the world. She shows us that we can slowly develop our personality until we reach that aspired embellishment of our existence, which cannot be imposed on us, but is the result of our desire and need to conquer with patience, the force of reasoning and strong will.

Photo gallery and video

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Translation by Yolanda Rillorta