Andrea Cagnetti, choreographer


The artistic thought 1

Short biographic account 1


The artistic thought

The choreography arises from a strong emotional reason and it takes shape trough the expressiveness of the movement.

I like definining myself as a "mover". The language I use, it is often untied from stylistic canons of the general dance and it is the outcome of a search based on the study of the muscular strength applied to the body in order to produce movement: pushing, pulling and releasing using contacts, levers and anchorages of the bodies.

A dynamic dance rich in energy sprang from a non-stop imbalance controlled by dancer's technique and that is for me the most emotional and involving language.

Fluency of gesture and alternation of rhythms make movement harmonious and original; the aesthetic quality is not in lines or curves of the body but it is in the naturalness itself.

The theme expressed by the choreography can be understood by the audience only through the construction of a strong and essential structure; a macro-choreography, I mean with this term the conduct of scenic spaces and the dynamic relationship among the bodies that is the first step for creating performances. The micro-choreography is the choice of the body's movement to complete the dramaturgy.

In my choreographic work I look for a maximum collaboration among the dancers, that are able to identify and reproduce my dance style, but at the same time they give me the possibility to look into their personal qualities. Only in this way it is possible to carry out an artistic work full of a complete interpretation.

Short biographic account

Andrea Cagnetti was defined by the criticism as "ů one of the most suggestive choreographers of the choreographic and international topicalityů" (S. G. Lacavalla, L'Avanti on 26th of September 2006)

The roman choreographer develops and studies in the international dance institute " Rossella Hightower" in Cannes, in theatre of the movement of Jacques Lecoq , in Paris and he takes part in LEM " Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement".

In 1999 Cagnetti set up the contemporary dance company ARSmovendi and in seven years since the setting up of the company, he realizes for his company many works and performances.

Since 2004 ARSmovendi performances are also staged abroad, especially in Mexico, California, Slovacchia where he performs in local festivals and creates choreographies for the Nemian Company of Mexico City.

He cooperates with the Minister for the realization of the program about artistic subjects of the "Liceo" specializing in art subjects and with a musical guidance and for the art of dancing.

He founds the council for dancing, charged by AGIS in Lazio.

In choreographic field, he interacts with many different reality, but multimedia works are the most favourite for himself and his inspiration ( among his collaborations: the digital painter Davide Quagliola, the "Aqua Micans Group" video makers and Emanuele Costanzo). He is a teacher for professional and ministerial contemporary dance lessons in IALS, in Rome, he is art director and teacher in ARSmovendi Dance Centre, where the company trains and creates new works. He is also guest professor in "Liceo" specialising in art of dancing, in Satriano (Cz)- Fran Spector Dance California- Los Talleres Mexico City.

Source:, by courtesy of Andrea Cagnetti.