Boundaries, Passages & Sanctuaries

Università di Genova, Italy ‑ 27-28 October 2006

British Association for Canadian Studies, Italian Association for Canadian Studies, Centre de Recherche en Études Canadiennes et sur l'époque de l'expansion européenne & Centro di Ricerca sui Sistemi Costituzionali Comparati.

The conference programme can be found on the BACS website at where it will be updated regularly.

Provisional Programme

Friday 27 October 2006

Registration open 12.00 noon


Plenary I: Professor Coral Ann Howells

"Not Belonging, but Longing": Shifts of Emphasis in Contemporary Diasporic Writing in Canada


Panel Giuridico: Relazioni (chair: Prof Xavier Arbos Marin)

J.Maria Castella Andreu (Università di Barcellona)

Federalismo canadese e domande costituzionali del West

Giancarlo Rolla (Università di Genova)

Federalismo e tutela dei diritti in una società multietnica: il ruolo della giurisprudenza della Corte suprema del Canada


Literature I

Simona Bertacco, Università di Milano

A Trans-Canadian Vernacular: Writing and the Boundary

Domenic Beneventi, Université de Sherbrooke

Representing Homelessness in Canadian Urban Literature

15.30 Tea break


Panel Giuridico (chair: Prof Xavier Arbos Marin)

Nino Olivetti Rason (Università di Padova)

La giurisprudenza della Corte suprema del Canada e la tutela dell'eguaglianza tra le persone ed i gruppi

Eleonora Ceccherini (Università di Siena)

Il riconoscimento degli inherent rights dei popoli aborigeni

Giuseppe di Genio (Università di Salerno)

Il federalismo canadese come modello di frontiera



Christopher Kirkey, SUNY Plattsburgh and George Sulzner, Past-President ACSUS

The CONNECT Program: A Passageway for New Canadianists in the United Kingdom and Italy


Plenary II: Professor Michael Behiels

Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Transcending Boundaries, Creating Passages, and Offering Sanctuaries


Literature II

Licia Canton, Editor-in-Chief, Accenti Magazine

Antonio D'Alfonso and the Passage of Time: From Fabrizio's Passion to A Friday in August

Silva Del Zotto, Universities of Udine and Trieste

Crossing Linguistic Boundaries: The Role of Female Italian-Canadian Writers as Translators of a Language, a Literature and a Culture

Francesca L'Orfano, Carleton University

Immigrazione in Canada: The Films of Paul Tana

20.30 Dinner

Saturday 28 October 2006


Panel Giuridico: Diritti e pluralismo (chair: Nino Olivetti Rason)

Eleonora di Benedetto (Università di Roma)

Il riconoscimento delle differenze e la giurisprudenza della Core suprema in tema di same sex marriage

Alexander Schuster (Università di Trento)

Frontiere culturali e religiose.Modalità di passaggio in Canada ed Europa

Maria Dicosola (Università di Siena)

Judicial balancing between religious freedom and secularism: the duty of accommodation

Arianna Pitino (Università di Genova)

La tutela della salute degli aborigenti in Canada

Marco Gaggero (Università di Torino)

L'accordo tra Primi ministri e leaders delle first Nations

Giuseppe Passaniti (Università di Siena)

Gli Arbitration tribunals nella realtà multietnica in Canada


Literature III

Eleonora Federici, Università di Trento

A Languaged Self: Translating Aritha van Herk's novels

Michele Lacombe, Trent University

Boundaries, Passages and Sanctuaries in Joseph Boyden`s Three Day Road

Valerio Bruni, Università di Udine

From boundaries to a "sanctuary": Dorothy Livesay's Other


Multiculturalism I

Francesca Rosati

Beyond Boundaries: Multiculturalism and Multilingualism in Contemporary Canada

Francesca Vaccarelli, University of Rome

Endangered Languages and Cultures in Canada

Serena Viola, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Urban landscape expression, vitality, multiculturality in an identity protection perspective: pedestrian walkways in Montreal

10.30-11.00 Coffee break


Panel Giuridico: Immigrazione e frontiere (chair: Eleonora Ceccherini)

Elisabetta Nardi (Università di Siena)

The evil side of porous frontiera:trafficking in human beings

Serena Sileoni (Università di Siena)

The Canadian Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security

Irene Poggi (Università di Genova)

Canada and immigration

Silvio Boccalatte (Università di Genova)

The right to health and regular (or irregular) immigrants in Canada

Simona Lombardo (Università di Genova)

Profili normativi dell'evoluzione dell'immigrazione in Canada


Literature IV

Anne-Marie Fortier, Université Laval

Le sanctuaire du monde. Lecture du Paradis des apparences de Robert Melançon

Rachel Killick, University of Leeds

'On va faire un beau p'tit tour dans la forêt enchantée' Memory and Trauma in Michel Tremblay, Le Premier Quartier de la lune

Sylvain Lavoie, University of Montreal

Abris de fortune sur terrain miné: représentations autochtones dans la dramaturgie canadienne contemporaine


Unsettlings, Remappings and Reconfigurations: The Politics and Poetics of 'Home' in Contemporary Canadian Art, Film and Fiction

Anne Gérin, Université of Québec à Montréal

The Frenchification of Montreal: How the Quiet Revolution Re-Zoned the East

David Tavares (University of Ottawa)

Urban Mobilities and the Production of Multicultural Identities and Spaces: Reading the Geographies of Dionne Brand's Toronto

Lisa Prosper (Carleton University)

Palimpsests of Passage: Representing Canada's Landscape Heritage in the Paintings of Landon Mackenzie

Peter Hodgins

Unsettling Images: Memory, Language, Landscape and Identity in François Leclerc's Mémoires Affectives

12.30-13.30 Lunch



John Harries, University of Edinburgh

Becoming indigenous: the imagining of the native and the paradox of belonging in Canada

Constance Joyce Martin, Université de Paris IV- Sorbonne

A not so Peaceful Sanctuary

Elena Baldassarri, University of Rome 3

The Shared Frontier between Canada and the United States


Multiculturalism II

Oriana Palusci, Università di Trento

From Pier 21 to Corso Italia: gateways to hyphenated identities

Francesca Astengo (l'Université de Montréal)

Freedom of religion and its limits in multicultural Canada


Literature Panel: The Crossing of Borders: Variations on a Theme

Barbara Nugnes (University of Pisa)

Jane Urquhart, The Little Flowers of Madame de Montespan

Biancamaria Rizzardi (University of Pisa)

The short stories of Sheila Watson

Andrea Binelli (University of Trento

Jane Urquhart's novel Away (1993)

Viktoria Tchernichova (University of Pisa)

Howard O'Hagan, Tay John (1939)

Elsa Linguanti (University of Pisa)

Some short stories by Malcolm Lowry

15.00-15.30 Tea break


Plenary III: Dr Colin Samson and Mr Napes Ashini

The Benefits of Moving Forward to an Indigenous Hunting Lifestyle: The Quest of the Innu to Combat Assimilation


Literature V

Gundula Wilke, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel

"Old World" Discoverers vs. "New World" Cultural Mutineers

R. Mamoli Zorzi, University of Venice

Ondaatje's crossing of geographic, political and cultural borders in Anil's Ghost

Deborah Saidero, University of Udine

Transcending Boundaries, Bridging Cultures: transcultural elements in Janice Kulyk Keefer's fiction

Eleonora Sasso, "Gabriele d'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara

"Graphomania in a flimsy cave": Margaret Atwood's inner sanctuaries


Social Sciences

Tracie Scott, Birkbeck College, University of London

Postcolonial Theory and Law: Conceiving of a Postcolonial State

Richard E. Mueller, University of Lethbridge

The Labour Market Consequences of Aboriginal Residential School Attendance


Boundaries and Gender

Patrizia Gentile, Carleton University

'Is it safe to come out?': Re-negotiating gay and lesbian space during Canada's war on queers

Donna Patrick, Carleton University