Verona in July

this city of love

and lovers

Romeos and Juliettes

this city of motor scooters

and open markets


in July it is tart

not at all palatable


the heat and noise

unfriendly service

vendors who bark

when the merchandise

is handled


i am tired of this romance

tired of trains and luggage

and promenades


maybe i am just too old

for romance

for all this pleasure

too old for adventure

too tired to rekindle

the passion


maybe i am too fat

too bloody fat


this has been the most

expensive postcard i will mail

to myself

Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski has translated Gianna Patriarca's poem from English to Italian and interpreted it with her photograph.

Published on Writing Beyond History. An Anthology of Prose and Poetry, Montreal, Cusmano, 2006

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